About Me

Well first off, My name is Megan. I’m quite excited to welcome you to the Embracing Mothers Birth & Baby Services site and encourage you to explore to your heart’s content, asking any questions you may have by contacting me via one of the methods on this page.

The best way I’ve found to introduce my fundamentals is to provide the answers to a personal FAQ. Hope you enjoy!

Question: What professional qualifications do you have?
I am a certified birth and postpartum doula through the International Doula Institute (IDI). I have continued my birth related education by attending various classes such as Royal Rebozo, Birthful, and Bebo Mia’s breastfeeding educator training. I would also like to mention that I have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies.

The IDI program requires reading approximately twelve books and extra articles, submitting various essays and video responses, and interacting with other trained and in-training doulas. I have gained hands on experience from: a childcare position, working as a personal nanny, and being raised in a large family (I have eight siblings [two younger] with seven nieces and nephews). I also have transferable skills from my other jobs such as relating and caring about others, multitasking, time management, motivation, persuasion, and instruction.

Question: Do you have any children?
: No, no I do not. Why? I’m 25 and we’re not currently geographically or financially ready to start a family. Would we welcome a surprise bundle? Absolutely, I actually dream about it sometimes with all of the pregnancy and birth-y things I do in day-to-day living.

Question: Why are you in this profession if you don’t have any kids?
: Empowerment. I LOVE helping people achieve their goals and seeing them realize that they had the power within themselves the whole time. I also am a woman’s rights enthusiast.


The non-research based care that’s occurring within the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum world was brought to my attention through podcasts; as well as the effects that doulas can make on the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical outcomes of birth. This information speared my curiosity, causing me to dig deep into the research and comparing the numbers of what should be happening versus what was. This knowledge has forever engraved itself in my heart and created a fiery passion in my soul. I want to enable EVERY WOMAN, and their families, to have the best possible outcome while experiencing this beautiful rite of passage. I could go on and on about the why aspect of my profession, but alas we don’t have time for that.

Question: How can I serve you?
Answer: If you’d like to read about the specific packages I offer you can go to the work with me page. Basically what you need to know is that I will do my best to educate you of your choices, guide your expectations, research your questions, and above all else hold your sacred space, where ever it may be.

To sum it all up: I have always loved everything baby related, even when I was little I would immediately head towards a baby if it was in the room. Empowering women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is my goal as your doula, making a difference in people’s everyday lives, specifically your life.

Eventually I’d like to continue my education by becoming a lactation consulate, a birth educator, and whatever else strikes my fancy in the field. All in all, between my practical experience, book teachings, and passion for this work I am confident that I can and will be a great doula option for you and yours. I can’t wait to work with you!


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